Magic Mike Rambling Stream of Consciousness
I've several times before made posts where I shared my random (and rambling) thoughts throughout movies I upfront predicted I wouldn't be able to take seriously. You can find these posts at where they are labeled "ramblings".

Now it is time for yet another such post. This time I've chosen a movie about male strippers: Magic Mike (2012). I'm not sure how I feel about this choice of movie - but let's see...


It is starting out with Matthew McConaughey touching himself while a whole bunch of women are screaming loudly. Well, at least he's not naked.

And, BOOM, cut to a completely naked Channing Tatum.

And then a topless Olivia Munn. And yet another naked girl. What kind of movie is this?

I'm not sure if this movie already is funny or I just find it weird that I'm watching a movie about male strippers alone while not being the slightest bit drunk. Anyway, I'm laughing.

Wait, they went from fun scenes with naked people to a long stretch of serious stuff? That was kind of boring but I guess they have to establish the characters somehow.

Anyway, that Schwarzenegger impersonation was hilariously bad.

Those male strippers look more like wrestlers than strippers. Well, except for Matthew McConaughey with his torch (and, no, that's not a euphemism).

What is fuck is going on? What are those umbrella for?

I should have seen that coming. It's Raining Men is the first song they strip to.

That stripper looks like Mickey Rourke. That is weird.

They brought out all the male stripper stereotypes in a single clip sequence.

Matthew McConaughey got a seriously intense stare when watching another guy stripping. It is kind of hilarious.

I don't think there could be any more singles in those boxers.

This feels a little bit like a recruitment film for male stripping.

And here comes the romantic part of the movie.

A friendly offer misunderstood as sexism. Funny stuff.

What the fuck is that ridiculous looking training outfit Matthew McConaughey is wearing? His character is fucking hilarious.

And now he is trying to seduce his own reflection in the mirror.

Why do I have the feeling that "suit up" means something else in this movie?

Serious girl is very serious.

First gay joke. Wow, that took the movie a long time.

How serious the serious girl is being while watching her brother strip is absolutely hilarious.

Holy shit, the movie just went from very quiet to having tons of women screaming very loudly in less than a second.

Why so serious, serious girl? Not a single smile during the whole strip show. That's cold.

Channing Tatum dressed as Marilyn Monroe while making fart jokes is completely hilarious.

Is that a smile? Considering how serious she has been so far, I think it counts.

Now she's even laughing. About damn time.

Olivia Munn is obviously hitting on serious girl and serious girl is having none of it.

Some of these strippers are clearly more into humping the floor than others.

"You do not need to talk; just look pretty" said the shrink to the stripper.

A stature of yourself in your own house? That is both weird and awesome.

Staring intensely at a half-naked girl feeding a teacup pig with a bottle. That is kind of weird; not the feeding part but the staring part.

Sport-fucking a stripper vampire? Serious girl has gotten a sense of humor.

Another stripper cliche followed by a whole damn lot of girls screaming.

And this time the screaming just keeps going on and on and on. This is getting annoying.

The Mickey Rourke-looking guy is wearing a dress. No words.

There's the teacup pig again, in the middle of a scene with drug-rage-fucking. What the hell?

Serious girl is so mad that she just bitch-slapped a topless, unconscious, pink-haired girl while the teacup pig was eating her brother's vomit. That scene was glorious.

Apparently this movie can actually pull off a serious scene quite well, even after all the weirdness.

The movie took a turn for the sadder and now this stripping scene seems kind of depressing.

However, tear-away pants are still funny.

Channing Tatum crying is making me sad. I thought this was supposed to a happy fun-time movie.

Good. It ended with a smile.
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