Captivating and Disturbing - Review of Compliance
Compliance (2012) is the of the kind of movie based on a true story which about some people say that the story summary is better than the movie. Here I absolutely have to disagree. While the true story, which the movie is based on, is very disturbing I still feel Compliance managed to tell the story in a very effective and captivating way, making it more than just a scary story.

I'm not going to go into what Compliance is about since I feel it is one of those movies which are even better if you know nothing about them beforehand (something I feel about most movies - but it is especially the case for certain thrillers, horror movies, and mysteries). I knew the story upfront but the movie still managed to captivate, disturb, and even surprise me.

Compliance is an impressive thriller which affected me quite a bit more than I had expected. The movie takes a considerably simple story and not just tells you the story but makes you feel it. Certainly a great movie.
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