Delightful and Extremely Enjoyable - Review of Warm Bodies
When I first heard about Warm Bodies (2013) I thought it frankly sounded very hard to pull off. Guess what; they pulled if off and made a not just good but great movie.

After watching the trailer I expected cheesiness that worked and which would make me laugh. I was right about both the cheesiness and the laughter. What I however didn't expect was that the cheesiness only felt mildly cheesy and never got close to being too much (unlike most romantic comedies nowadays). The laughter was accompanied by a huge goofy smile on my face almost the whole movie through, only interrupted by the more thrilling scenes which I somehow also got caught by.

Another thing that snuck up on me was the feels; oh, so many of them. This is a fucking romantic zombie comedy; and it moved me?!?! I didn't see that coming - but I liked it. (Yes, I'm a sucker for a good romantic flick; just look at my review of the gooey and romantic Safe Haven (2013):

Warm Bodies made me smile, made me laugh, and even made me feel. Warm Bodies is greatness of a kind that we rarely see and a movie I highly can recommend.

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