Not Twilight - Review of The Host
When I first heard that another of Stephenie Meyer's books were getting made into a movie I honestly couldn't care less after atrocity that I consider the first Twilight movie to be (I haven't watched the sequels for obvious reasons). However, I did find the concept of a "peaceful" alien invasion (from the aliens' point of view) very interesting and the main character was played by Saoirse Ronan, who I previously liked in City of Ember (2008), The Way Back (2010), and Hanna (2011), so I thought The Host (2013) was worth giving a shot.

As it turned out, The Host was not a bad movie. It had some great parts, some amusing parts (which may or may not have been amusing on purpose), and one or two somewhat emotionally effective moments. Unfortunately, it did also have its fair share of just plain bad parts which damaged the movie overall.

The Host is the kind of movie that I feel gets worse the more you think about it, but which I enjoyed while watching it. Take that in any way you want.

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