"The Adventures of Shirley Holmes" Appreciation Post
Today I got a hold of the first two episodes of the 1996 Canadian TV series The Adventures of Shirley Holmes which I watched as a child. I felt properly ecstatic and nostalgic about rewatching it and the two episodes were even better than I remembered.

Ryan Gosling is a "bad boy" in the first episode and the second episode introduces Shirley Holmes' nemesis, Molly Hardy. Let me say that again, Shirley Holmes' nemesis is named Molly Hardy. Say it out loud with me: MOLLY HARDY! IT IS A PUN ON MORIARTY! <noises of excitement>

Unfortunately I can't get a hold of any other episodes from the first season. This makes me sad. I would so very much love to rewatch the rest of The Adventures of Shirley Holmes - all four seasons. Hopefully I will find a way at some point so I can fully relive the glory that is The Adventures of Shirley Holmes.
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