Better Each Time - Review of Tomorrow, When the War Began
Tomorrow, When the War Began (2010) is an Australian war adventure film which I knew almost nothing about the first time I watched it. Back then I quite enjoyed it but not more than so many other movies. There were however something about the movie which made me go back and watch it again not long after my first viewing.

The second time around I liked it even more than the first time - and when I not too long after that watched it for the third time, I liked it even more. The movie just kept getting better each time I watched it.

Now I've just finished watching Tomorrow, When the War Began for the fourth time and I have to say that this time I completely fell in love with it. The movie was everything good I remembered and more. It was thrilling, captivating, moving, and overall simply great. Yes, it took me watching it four times before I got around to reviewing it - but I actually watched a movie four times which is rare phenomenon in this universe, so there is certainly something special about this movie.

Tomorrow, When the War Began is a movie which passes most people by unnoticed but it is still a movie I have a special fondness for. It is a movie I can watch multiple times and which I enjoy more each time. It is certainly not a movie for everyone but for me it is just right.
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