All Action, Little Substance - Review of Man of Steel
I've seen buildings blow up, superhuman characters fist fighting, and heroes singlehandedly destroy war machines far too many times for me to give a damn anymore. That is unless there is a captivating story or intriguing characters to pull me in. I'm sad to say that Man of Steel (2013) had far too much action and far too little story. It simply didn't captivate me, which meant that no matter how impressive the action scenes were, I wasn't the least bit affected by them.

Man of Steel had a small amount of quite frankly great character development related scenes which I would have loved to have more of. These scenes were however pushed to the background in favor of action scene after action scene after action scene which all had an empty feeling to them.

Man of Steel is not an inherently bad movie. It is just not captivating enough for me to give a damn about its main character. The movie has many great elements, but as a whole it simply is very ‘meh.’ Watch it if you want a whole lot of more or less mindless action. 

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