An Unexpected Gem - Review of Electrick Children
I've in the last few days watched several movies but not really felt like I had much to say about any of them. I expected that the same also would be the case for the fairly unknown movie I chose to end this Friday evening by watching - Electrick Children (2012) - but apparently I was wrong.

When I first read about Electrick Children it didn't seem like a movie for me but then I watched the trailer ( which had something to it which caught my interest. After watching the movie I'm very glad I gave it a chance since it turned out to be quite interesting.

Electrick Children tells a considerably simple, but interesting, story focusing on the main character Rachel, perfectly portrayed by Julia Garner. The movie has a special way of telling its story which I felt was done in a very good way. I got captivated not so much by the story itself but rather by the characters and their personal journeys. A big part of this was the subtle but great acting where I again have to highlight Julia Garner whose performance was necessary for the movie to work, which it certainly did.

There were a couple of aspects of Electrick Children which made me think of Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011), a movie which I fell in love with back in February (my review: Even through Electrick Children had several similarities with Martha Marcy May Marlene it unfortunately never reached the same level of excellence - but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Electrick Children is an interesting little gem of a movie which, while being quite a bit from amazing, still was a joy to watch. If you get the chance to watch Electrick Children and you're not quite sure whether or not to watch it I recommend that you give it a shot. I'm certainly glad I did.
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