Great Topic; Disappointing Execution - Review of Miss Representation
It is very rare that I get my hopes up for documentaries but Miss Representation (2011) seemed like a both interesting and extremely relevant documentary, so I let myself hope for greatness. As it turned out, I was setting myself up for disappointment.

Don't get me wrong. The topics tackled in Miss Representation and the individual interviews were absolutely great. Several of the longer interviews were so powerful that they even made me tear up. However, the documentary was unfortunately not structured in the best way and it had several very poorly edited segments which broke the narrative and at times even made it feel very much like a propaganda movie.

It wasn't even that the movie little by little went from being about media's misrepresentation of women to promoting some agenda, which I've seen in other documentaries. It was rather that movie included several weirdly placed segments with flashing words and images, either overlaying an interview about something else or shown to some harder punk music, in what I think was an attempt to desexualize the flashing media clips. Not only did these segments feel out of place, but they also promoted censorship legislation, used slut-shaming, and even tried to proclaim that video games cause violence. These were all topics which the main narrative of the movie hadn't really touched upon; and certainly not to a degree to even remotely make such strong conclusions from.

Miss Representation had great potential with a relevant topic, many interesting stories, and a general good narrative. Some of this unfortunately got lost somewhere along the way and the informative and interesting stories were attempted used as a foundation for propaganda. Luckily, this attempt at promoting a different set of agendas failed and the interviews with the many powerful women and girls shined through, saving the movie - at least a little bit.

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