Surprisingly Interesting and Thrilling - Review of Europa Report
When I first heard about the sci-fi movie Europa Report (2013) I thought it was just another cliche-filled, shaky cam / found footage horror flick; so I skipped it. That was until this evening when two friends and I needed a movie to watch and we settled on Europa Report because we knew next to nothing about it.

As it turned out, Europa Report managed to tell its story in a intriguing way; and what an interesting story it was. I was throughout the whole movie interested in everything going on; and to my surprise, the science stuff was not bad - it was actually quite good.

Europa Report is a thrilling, interesting, and overall far better than expected sci-fi thriller. It has a lot of new things to offer and it finds a good way of telling its very science-centered story so that I at times forgot I wasn't watching an amazing documentary. Europa Report is without a doubt a movie I can recommend to any sci-fi-interested people.

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