Romantic, Cute, and Even a Little Dark - Review of Safe Haven
I expected Safe Haven (2013) to be a little on the heavy side with romantic goo and even though it definitely was gooey and romantic, the movie also had a certain deepness and complexity to it; and even some darkness.

Safe Haven is far from the perfect romantic movie but it wasn't bad either. The romance parts of the movie with Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel worked as expected but hadn't it been for cute-as-a-button 8-year-old Mimi Kirkland I would probably not have had a smile on my face during as much of the movie as I did. Mimi Kirkland certainly brought on a few moments of cuteness overload which the movie greatly benefited from.

The darkness and complexity of the movie worked for the most part too, but the movie had certain kind of plot aspect which I in general don't like in movies and which I felt should have been left out; however, that's just me. The rest worked for me and a single scene even managed to make me tear up despite being quite predictable (still great premise though).

Overall I would say that Safe Haven is a worthy romantic drama with most of the movie being quite cute while still managing to have its darker moments. The movie is not for everyone but for us who like romantic movies where the romantic parts aren't everything, it is quite enjoyable.

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