Fucking Beautiful - Review of Evil Dead (2013)
Quite a while ago I watched the three original Evil Dead movies and shared my rambling streams of consciousness while watching them. Find these ramblings here: The Evil Dead (1981): goo.gl/mWtaw, Evil Dead II (1987): goo.gl/yE3OY, Army of Darkness (1992): goo.gl/dzLrY.

I wasn't particularly impressed by the first two original Evil Dead movies - frankly, I didn't like them. However, when I saw the trailer for the 2013 remake I was thoroughly damn impressed. It looked intriguing and beautiful; and my expectations were pretty damn spot on. Evil Dead (2013) was fucking beautiful.

In order for horror movies to impress me nowadays they either have to do something truly original or have a flawless execution when recycling old horror tropes. Evil Dead is the latter. It is not original, surprising, scary, or interesting. This might sound like it is a bad movie, which couldn't be more wrong. Evil Dead is intriguing, captivating, thrilling, impressive, and pretty much a visual masterpiece. Big words, I know, but accurate.

I don't think I've ever before seen a horror movie this visually astonishing. Every single scene was FUCKING BEAUTIFUL! Yes, I felt I had to yell and swear when saying that since the movie after all is a very gory horror flick. Oh, the gore - it wasn't too excessive but felt real in a curious way; something that is very rare.

Evil Dead is the kind of movie that you can pause at pretty much any moment and you'll have an utterly beautiful photograph. I feel it is a weird thing for a horror movie to be this beautiful - but, heck, it was and it worked. Perfect execution of old tropes apparently makes for a great movie; and one that I highly can recommend.

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