Genuine and Brilliant - Review of Sherlock
I had for long time let the BBC's take on Sherlock Holmes pass me by, but this week I decided to give it a shot - a decision I absolutely do not regret.

Sherlock (2010-) is an amazing series. It is clever, interesting, captivating, moving, and, simply put, the best Sherlock Holmes adaptation I've ever seen; and, yes, this is including House M.D. (2004-2012) and The Adventures of Shirley Holmes (1996-1999) in my consideration.

At first I thought Sherlock was simply clever but it didn't take long for it to get me completely hooked. The human (read: not flawless) side of Sherlock Holmes was something I truly felt for the first time and it made for a relatable and appealing Sherlock Holmes character. It was however not only only Sherlock Holmes who was a great character, there were also the genuine and grounded Dr. John Watson, the delightful Mrs. Hudson, the understanding DI Lestrade, the utterly, brilliantly insane Jim Moriarty, and the lovely Molly Hooper who might very well be my favorite of the bunch - so human, different, fragile, surprising, and in so many ways both the opposite and the same as Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock made me shed a few tears, but most of all, Sherlock had me glued to the screen in intrigue and interest. Sherlock is Sherlock Holmes in the way I feel it ought to be; clever and human with a spoonful of despair, sadness, and devastation. Tumblr, you were spot on.

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