All the Feels - Review of Wreck-It Ralph
I had extremely high hopes for Wreck-It Ralph (2012) and you what? They were fulfilled and even more so. The movie was, simply put, amazing.

Wreck-It Ralph has tons and tons of pure brilliant moments and I feared a little that a series of moments would be all it had to offer. That was certainly not the case. The movie as a whole is hilarious, captivating, surprising, well-written, moving, and overall an experience which made me feel all the feels.

The movie made me laugh harder than any movie has in a very long time - and it was not the silly kind of humor but the good kind. Surprisingly, the movie also made me cry; yes, there were actual tears. Wreck-It Ralph managed to have me in tears because of all the emotional stuff while at the exact same time having me laugh out aloud. This was something truly spectacular.

While Wreck-It Ralph doesn't fully reach WALL·E's master-piece level, it is not too far behind either. Wreck-It Ralph is a full experience and a movie which in my book belongs among the best Disney films. I cannot recommend it highly enough. WATCH IT!

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