50 % Bullshit, 50 % Enjoyable - Review of The Internship
I was hesitant about watching The Internship (2013) because I've grown tired of Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson and also because I love Google and was afraid of how Google would be portrayed. As it turns out, I was right; Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson were more annoying than ever and Google was presented in a weird light, though only partly and it got better throughout the movie.

Less than 20 minutes into the movie I actually stopped it because I couldn't take more of the enormous amounts of bullshit spewing from the mouths of the two main characters. It was annoying, awkward, and painful to watch. This is not what I consider comedy.

Luckily The Internship had enough decent story and great supporting characters beside the two main characters to actually be enjoyable. It however took almost half of the movie for it to begin to be a decent movie - and even then the two main character still annoyed the hell out of me. The other characters were actually so great and such a main part in the story that I'm pretty sure most of the good parts of the movie wouldn't have been much different if you cut the two main characters. This might be a bit harsh but I liked the rest of the movie so much that my annoyance of the two main characters kind of turned into a small flicker of hatred. Sorry, but I simply felt they were THAT bad.

Of the other characters I was especially captivated by Neha Patel (portrayed by Tiya Sircar) and Stuart Twombly (portrayed by Dylan O'Brien) and judging from the fact that there's already fanfics about these two characters I know I'm not alone here. In general many of supporting characters were so well-written that their stories and character development throughout the movie made the movie not only bearable but actually enjoyable.

Overall I liked The Internship but absolutely in spite of the two main characters. I felt less indifferent towards the movie than I had expected; what I expected to be bad was worse and what I expected to be okay was good. I'm glad I gave it a shot after all.

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