A True Masterpiece - Review of The Newsroom Season 1
Earlier today I finished watching the season 1 finale of the HBO drama series The Newsroom and there is no doubt in my mind that it is one of the best things I've ever watched. I never knew it was possible for a series, or even a movie, to affect me in the ways this finale episode did and the same goes for the rest of the series in general. The Newsroom is brilliance with no end and it is to me nothing short of a true masterpiece.

When I reviewed the first episode of The Newsroom (goo.gl/ZgPKk) I wrote that it "literally impressed me to tears" which might seem odd to some and also is something which no other piece of media has ever managed to do to me. However, The Newsroom is so immensely brilliantly written that several monologues and dialogues had so much power that they literally brought tears to my eyes. This was very much the case for the first episode but also for some of the later episodes, like for instance episode 6 where the focus was shifted somewhat away from the main character, Will McAvoy (perfectly portrayed by Jeff Daniels), to Sloan Sabbith (Olivia Munn); thereby demonstrating that the show can be brilliant no-matter which of the characters an episode focuses on.

Despite the many immensely powerful moments throughout the season I wasn't prepared for the power the finale episode brought. The finale was by lengths the best way to end a season of a series that I've ever experienced (and I've watched a lot of series). It contained something which I won't hesitate to describe as the best moment in the history of any TV series that I've ever watched and I'll leave it at that. You simply need to experience it yourself; and don't you dare watch it without first having watched the whole series from the beginning.

I think you catch my drift; I am utterly and completely in love with The Newsroom and I can't recommend it enough. This is a series which I would feel insulted if you watched from anywhere but the beginning. It is not for everyone but giving it your undivided attention and watching it from the beginning without skipping a single episode or moment might bring you as much joy as the series has brought me. I truly hope it does.
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