Delightful - Review of As Cool as I Am
When I first came across the movie As Cool as I Am (2013) I skipped it because of it's IMDb rating of 5.5/10. However, this evening after watching a horrid horror movie, Hatchet III (2013), I decide to give it a shot anyway and I very glad I did.

As Cool as I Am is a calm coming of age story. When I say 'calm' it is not in the sense that nothing happens but rather that the movie is simplistic in the way it tells its story and doesn't overdramatizes anything unnecessarily. The story has many interesting parts with most of the focus being on the main character, Lucy Diamond, perfectly portrayed by Sarah Bolger. Lucy's story has several interesting aspects and is told differently from most movies of this genre; differently in a very good way.

As Cool as I Am is a delight to watch. It is not too sweet and not too depressing but just right. It both moved me and made me think. A perfectly delightful and interesting coming of age story.

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