Thrilling and Surprising - Review of Looper
Friday I went to the movies with a few friends and watched Looper (2012) which I since have said I would review, so I better get around to it.

Before watching Looper I was not at all sure of what kind of movie it would be, and after watching it I can understand why. Looper isn't just one single thing; it's a combination of several genres; each working surprisingly well. I'd especially like to highlight the horror elements which were quite excellent and effective. But the action, thriller, and sci-fi elements were also impressive and worked well for the movie as a whole.

Looper is a difficult movie to explain. The story is interesting and told in a captivating way. The movie made me think, moved me, thrilled me, scared me, and overall is a pretty damn good movie. Looper is not the easiest time travel movie to approach - but it is at the same time far from the most complex. I liked it very much and I think most people who like time travel will too if they do not expect an action flick, which Looper certainly isn't.
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