Captivating and Moving - Review of Temple Grandin
I had put off watching Temple Grandin (2010) for years but this evening I finally decided to give it a go. I never expected the movie to be as brilliant as it turned out to be.

The story of Temple Grandin is an inspiring and interesting one and this movie certainly managed to make it both captivating and moving. At first I was afraid it would be another movie where I throughout the movie had to feel secondhand embarrassment which I've felt for some other movies about mentally different people; however, that was not the case at all. Everything was done just right.

I have to mention Claire Danes who was simply brilliant as Temple Grandin - a role which she won a Golden Globe for. Claire Danes' portrayal of a character with a bipolar disorder in Homeland and an autistic character in Temple Grandin have given me the utmost respect for her as an actress.

Temple Grandin is interesting, captivating, inspiring, and moving. It is the movie I did not dare to hope for. Amazing.

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