A Great, Solid Comedy - Review of This Is 40
Watching a sequel to a movie you love is always a little frightening. You not so much fear that it won't be as good as the predecessor (since it very rarely is) but more that is so bad that it'll shine a bad light on a movie you love. Well, This Is 40 (2012) did not only not suck but was actually several kinds of great.

I very quickly forgot that This Is 40 was a sequel to Knocked Up (2007) since it utterly and completely is its own movie. Right off the bat the movie caught me with its heartfelt story, good humor, and great acting. My hats off to Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann, and also Maude Apatow, who despite only having been part of three movies (all Judd Apatow comedies) was frickin' great.

This Is 40 is a solid, solid comedy which stands out from the sea of pointless mediocre comedies out there. This Is 40 is certainly a movie I can recommend. If only more comedies had this much heart, this well-written characters, and this much genuine humor.

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