Interesting, But Not Amazing - Review of Cloud Atlas
When the Wachowski siblings make a movie I take notice; they have, after all, made two of my all-time favorites movies: V for Vendetta (2005) and The Matrix (1999).

This time around the movie was Cloud Atlas (2012). I had my hopes up but not very high since the trailer reminded me of Darren Aronofsky's The Fountain (2006) which I back then I had expected far, far too much from and I ended up getting very disappointed. So with my semi-high expectations I began watching Cloud Atlas - and as it turned out, I was right not to hope for too much.

Cloud Atlas is a great movie - but it get nowhere near The Matrix and V for Vendetta. The reason for this is that the Cloud Atlas never really managed to truly amaze or even captivate me. It was extremely interesting and I would have loved to have it continue for a little while longer. This feeling of wanting more is perhaps unfortunately connected with the fact that I felt the movie took on too many stories and thereby never managed to properly captivate me with any of them.

The stories weren't really rushed - but they were at the same time not given the amount of time they deserved or could have benefited from. Taking on this many stories at once and making them all seem captivating is a very difficult task; a task which the Wachowski siblings this time around didn't manage to execute to a degree more than just acceptable.

I could go on for a good while about how Cloud Atlas contains more story line than it has time for, but I'd also like to mention that the individual stories (and the connections between them) certainly weren't bad. For instance, the 5th story line about Sonmi-451 was so great that I believe that if it had been its own movie it would have been better than Cloud Atlas as a whole. I know this is blasphemy to say but it is how I feel and how I've felt about more than just a few of these kinds of "everything is connected" movies. When the "everything is connected" aspect is what I'm least interested it, I feel the inclusion of it does more harm than good. This was the case for The Fountain and now again for Cloud Atlas.

This review can perhaps sound like I didn't like Cloud Atlas which certainly isn't the case. I very much liked Cloud Atlas and it is a good, solid movie, just not amazing. I was nowhere near bored during the almost 3 hours the movie lasted and I continuously throughout the movie wanted to know more about everything going on. Unfortunately, when the movie ended I didn't feel my hunger for story had been sated, which very much is a shame since Cloud Atlas really did have some great stories to tell. It just didn't take the necessary time to do so in full.

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