My Rambling The Evil Dead Stream of Consciousness
A week ago I made a post of me sharing my random ramblings while watching the Total Recall remake ( Today I thought I'd do the same while finally getting around to watching The Evil Dead (1981). These are my rambling thoughts throughout the movie, with no real spoilers but just out-of-context moments.


Right off the bat with the over-the-top dramatic music and visual effects. This looks promising in a so-bad-it's-good kind of way.

WTF was that? Is this really that bad on purpose?

Well, that's just annoying. Whoever is holding that camera needs to lay off the drugs.

That turned out like all my drawings.

So you go to a cabin in the woods and only bring one flashlight but then of course have a oil lantern ready?

That's one impressive loudspeaker system, echoing through the forest.

Over-dramatic much?

All of a sudden everything is out of focus. I wonder if that's on purpose or this is just a poorly made movie. I guess the latter is the case.

More over-the-top mood music without anything actually happening.

Ash? POKÉMON! Gotta catch 'em all!

Oh, here it comes; the infamous "getting raped by a tree"-scene.

Wow, this is more graphic than I had expected. Whoever thought of this must have a special relationship with trees.

Is this supposed to be scary? Or funny? It seems more annoying than anything.

I think having watched The Cabin in the Woods (2011) makes me enjoy this movie more than I otherwise would have.

A zombie? Or something else? Either way that shit was hilarious.

Zombie girl needs a manicure.

Grunt, grunt, grunt. That is getting annoying real fast.

When the zombie laughs, I can't helping laughing too. I wonder if it was meant to be scary.

Wait, wasn't that window destroyed a few minutes ago?

Oh, let's be really, really slow to come to the rescue when the girl screams for help.


Is it wrong that I intuitively smile when the hero gets bitch-slapped?

Crunchy bones.

That's an awesome dagger. I want one.

Enough with the screaming already. For the love of horror flicks, just die!

A lot of gore in the most cartoonish way I've seen in a horror flick in a long time.

I do no understand these characters' thought process at all. It's like every other minute they get a new random idea and follow through with it. It's not that the ideas are inherently bad; they just seem random and nonsensical.

More zombie laughter. This is kind of hilarious.

I wonder if this is all a PMS joke.

Zombies chuckling is without a doubt the best part of the movie.

It seems this Ash character is very slow in the head.

This is taking an interesting turn. Never mind. Disappointing.

Talking to yourself for the benefit of the audience. It's funny how only certain kinds of movies does this.

Those sound effects do not at all match what's going on.

I think I get this movie now. It's a tale of a guy's personal journey into insanity and not giving a single fuck.

I didn't know zombies had oatmeal for guts.

Blood, gore, and stop-motion all over the place. This is getting kind of old.

Is it over yet? I'm not pleased with this movie.

Finally over. Well, that was disappointing. Now on to the sequel.
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