Watching Pitch Perfect and Rambling
Aka. I Blame +Annie Yim.

Once in a while I write down my rambling streams of consciousness as I watch a movie and then post it here on Google+. Back when I first watched Pitch Perfect (2012) I regretted not doing this and I just posted a review instead: However, mere minutes ago +Annie Yim got me in the mood for more Pitch Perfect so I've chosen to write down my ramblings while rewatching the movie. Here we go...


A cappella Universal 100th Anniversary title sequence. Instant grin.

Well, a cappella is not very badass, no-matter how hard you try.

Chauvinistic jokes that reminds me of Fox News.

Projectile vomiting saves the day.

Stereotypical uber nerd.

Are those nipples larger than the actual breasts?

All these weird college clubs reinforces my prejudices about USA.

What the fuck is going on in the background? Are those kids worshiping the devil or trying to dance without music?

I only this moment realized that "choke you out" doesn't necessarily refer to something sexual.


Naked shower ambush resulting in a Titanium duet. This movie got it all.

Over-dramatic McLoving is hilarious.

Audition compilation sequence is as stereotypical as expected and I enjoy it very much.

And here comes Anna Kendrick's cup song which I'm perhaps a little more exited for than I should be.

"I'm not drunk at all; you're just blurry." Oh, that feeling.

Hypersexualized girl is apparently referring to her vagina as a 'he'.

Referring to a cappella as 'a war' seems like a bit of a stretch.

Almost-mute girl makes the best comments.

Hypersexualized girl seems to not be able to stop grabbing her own boobs (and nether regions). I do not judge.

Guys seem to be lifting up their shirts to show off their abs more than I remember.

Pointing out the obviousness behind the name 'Vader' ('father' in German) is something that a lot of people completely miss.

I have to admit that this a cappella battle is more badass than I ever could have imagined.

Anna Kendrick rapping! HELL YEAH!

...followed by a very awkward silence. Well, I liked it.

When moments of sincerity don't feel out of place in a movie like this, something is done very right.

Putting "aca" before words is no more ridiculous than doing the same with "cheer." Hilarious ridiculousness either way though.

Sexual innuendo commentary to a cappella sock puppets. I want to high-five whoever came up with this.

Did hypersexualized girl just break the 4th wall?

This lullaby is not very exciting.

What the fuck is 'sport sandals'?

The a cappella commentators remind me more and more of Fox News anchors.

A cappella fans with face paint? Okay.

I very much appreciate that the movie also has music with instruments.

Getting hit with a sandwich apparently does not require resuscitation by mouth to mouth.

Almost-mute Asian girl has mad pen-swinging skills.

Making weird noises while trying to come up with a good lie does not do wonders for your credibility.

Being a pyromaniac is apparently adorable when revealed in whisper (by a cute girl; that part is important).

Yep, I'm getting moved by a movie about a cappella. Who would have thought?

I'm realizing that I in these comments have spelled 'a cappella' in various different ways. I better fix that in post before sharing this.

Suddenly guy appears from the sword-penetrated box. MAGIC!

That is quite a lot of guys in that hot tub.

Massive amounts of projectile vomiting.

Making snow angels in a pool of vomit. Disgusting, though still funny.

Improvising a group a cappella song mashup with perfect harmony is kind of ridiculous but, hell, it does sound good.

What the fuck are those guys wearing? Children's bath robes?

This performance gives me flashbacks to 'N Sync, Backstreet Boys, and all the other '90s boy bands.

The Breakfast Club to the rescue; again.

This performance is several kinds of awesome. Who would ever have thought I would say that about a cappella.

Commentator's chauvinism being called out. If only someone at Fox News would do the same.

'Belly roll' instead of 'drum roll' should really be more of a thing.

Movie over. That was as awesome as the first time around (though less surprising for obvious reasons).


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