Surprisingly Different and Unexpected - Review Spring Breakers
Spring Breakers (2012) was advertised with sex (lots of it), parties, drugs, and a gansta James Franco - and it did also contain all of these things, just not in the way I had expected; not even close.

If you search for photos of Spring Breakers you'll find photos of four seeming very young girl in very little clothing (the actresses range from 20 to 27 years of age). Because of this I have to admit that I expected the four main characters to be very similar and possible even borderline one-dimensional. This was not the case - at least not completely. Selena Gomez's character surprised me the most and was without a doubt also the best written of the four. The others weren't bad either - but I felt they at times were a bit too identical.

Spring Breakers is not a happy, wild joyride of a party movie - not by a long shot. It is gritty, different, peculiar, and, frankly, quite an experience. Spring Breakers is not what it seems and this will disappoint some people but I, for one, was pleasantly surprised.

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