Powerful and Emotional - Review of Lauren Season 1
Despite having heard many good things about the series Lauren I hadn't gotten around to watching it until today. As it turned out, I was missing out on something great.

Lauren is produced by the YouTube channel +WIGS  (youtube.com/wigs) and it is a story about the aftermath of the gang rape of a female soldier. This is a tough, but important, subject and Lauren certainly does it justice. I have so far only watched the first of the two seasons, but I got so affected by each episode that I felt I needed to post about it even though I do not have time to watch the second season yet.

The main character is portrayed by Troian Bellisario, who I before only knew from the TV series Pretty Little Liars, and she delivers a performance so strong that made me tear up.

The first season is short but it is nonetheless both powerful and emotional. This is a need-to-watch series and I'm looking forward to finding time for watching the second season later this weekend.

Season 1:
Part 1 of 3: youtu.be/JKYfdO5LFDs
Part 2 of 3: youtu.be/fVx5qrzv8Xg
Part 3 of 3: youtu.be/AWvxB8K8ClM

Season 2:
Part 1 of 12: youtu.be/pzbT2_5ZZK0
Part 2 of 12: youtu.be/aGU5eLYdA0k
Part 3 of 12: youtu.be/xnNwWIXlRbw
Part 4 of 12: youtu.be/hkYRjJrkus8
Part 5 of 12: youtu.be/9dZJogL34_A
Part 6 of 12: youtu.be/OLkGsT6NhfI
Part 7 of 12: youtu.be/8teDp1PK-Fg
Part 8 of 12: youtu.be/4vcy-oM9w0Y
Part 9 of 12: youtu.be/1XOmSlnAaeg
Part 10 of 12: youtu.be/JxP8yah_6zw
Part 11 of 12: youtu.be/2Q-wLXxY11Q
Part 12 of 12: youtu.be/sT8JDQ4RyWk

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