Surprisingly Great - Review of Butter
No, this isn't a review of the dairy product butter, but the movie Butter (2011) - which very much is about butter. The movie is however also about sex, greed, money, family, and much more.

I wasn't expecting much from Butter. I thought it would be your average mediocre comedy with a few good laughs but no real soul/heart. I was wrong. Butter is not only a good comedy, it is a great comedy. The movie has a simple, though good story and actually managed to move me several times, which I certainly didn’t expect from a comedy about butter sculpting. The deeper and more meaningful moments were integrated in a very good way with the humor so that the comedy aspects didn’t feel cheap or out of place, with the same being the case for the more emotional scenes.

Butter is a hilarious, surprising, and awesome movie which very much took me by surprise.
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