Watching Army of Darkness and Rambling
So far tonight I've rambled my way through The Evil Dead (1981)( and Evil Dead II (1987)( so I thought I'd continue with Army of Darkness (1992). Here I go:


Voice-over? And retelling the previous movies in a way that's not entirely accurate concerning what actually happened.

Of course, let us repeatably stab an inanimate object with our swords. That's will show it.

What? Did she you say "My brother's dick shall be revenged"? I think my brain is playing tricks on me. Perhaps I should have gone to bed instead of watching this movie. Oh, she said "death" and not "dick" - that makes a lot more sense.

Insulting one-liners. I like it.

At least this movie seems to get that it's more about comedy than horror.

I thought to myself: "Do a flip!" and like that; BOOYAH; he did a flip!

I wonder how many times Ash has been punched in face (and balls) during these movies.

Chainsaw action is awesome. This movie is already looking better than the others.

I like this insane Ash more than the Ash from the first two movies. The actor's over-the-top acting is a better match for this kind of character.

Boomstick speech! Yeah, this is fucking awesome!

The makeup department surely has stepped up their game with this movie.

What? Did he just make a robot hand out of medieval armor? This movie is surely making sure the audience know how ridiculous it is.

Believing that an old man knows how to time-travel just because he has a long wizard-like beard? Seems reasonable.

Even after three movies I still have no idea what this evil POV power thing flying through the woods looks like.

Oh, let's hold the robot hand up to the fire to warm it. That makes sense. /s

This keeps getting sillier and sillier. WTF moments all over the place and now he's singing London Bridge is Falling Down? This is silliness I can approve of.

He just swallowed himself. This taking sexual innuendos to a whole new level.

More singing, rubber duck songs, and getting punched in the face by yourself; all followed by yet another awesome one-liner. BOOYAH!

This "talking to himself"-thing that Ash does actually works in this movie, contrary to the first two.

Talk about fighting your way through a book. And a book sucking you in.

The words "Seems fairly obvious" is never followed by anything good.

Trying to fake magic words by coughing is comedic gold. This movie is hilarious.

These ridiculously inaccurate sound effects work when the movie knows it's a comedy and a horror flick.

Getting tickled by skeletons looks as hilarious as it sounds.

People looking funny while jumping into the air all over the place.

A zombie warlord making out with a topless woman. I don't know what to think anymore.

More weapon construction montage. Oh, good he brought his chemistry books so they can make weapons. You know, because the creation of explosives is of course part of a basic chemistry school book.

Those horses are all over the place. I guess the actors playing skeletons aren't quite use to handling horses; or perhaps the horses are just startled by the army of skeletons walking beside them.

Battle cry: "Death to the mortals" does indeed make a lot more sense than the opposite.

The undead getting killed makes the most hilarious death sounds.

Words escape me. This is over-the-top in the best possible way.

This is the best POV-spear-attack scene I've ever seen.

Did Ash just add his own sound effects with his mouth to that spear fight in a real obvious way?

This villain-hero banter is pure gold.

Wait, the music stopped but the fight keeps going all the same. What's that all about?

I'm not entirely sure what just happened but it ended with a good old man-on-man hug, so I guess everything turned out for the best.

I certainly didn't see that coming. Epic ending to an epic movie was epic.
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