Magical - Review of Beasts of the Southern Wild
With an Oscar nomination for Best Motion Picture of the Year I couldn't let Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012) pass me by. I wasn't exactly sure what kind of movie I was in for and after watching it I'm still not sure exactly how to describe it.

Beasts of the Southern Wild is a peculiar kind of movie. It caught my curiosity from the very beginning with its wondrous and interesting way of telling its story. I was never sure where the story was going but in a kind of poetic way it worked. Many aspects of the story had a certain sense of randomness to them - but they somehow came together and created a sort of magical atmosphere, figuratively speaking, which worked.

I think the way I best can describe Beasts of the Southern Wild is to say that it is full of wondrous peculiarity that works. It is not all the way through amazing but it both starts and ends on very strong notes which made me fall a little bit in love with it. A very pleasant surprise indeed.

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