Weak - Review of Beautiful Creatures
In my head I had somehow gotten the two fantasy movies The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2013) and Beautiful Creatures (2013) mixed up. I knew that they were two different movies and I also got the generelt gist of their plots but I got confused as to which of the movies several cooler details and better actors were in. As it turned out, Beautiful Creatures wasn't the movie I, in my head, had made it out to be. It actually kind of sucked.

There are several aspects of Beautiful Creatures that were somewhat interesting but it unfortunately contained far more clichés and main plot points which quite frankly were too weak to keep the movie together.

The romance aspects of the movie were downright boring and were presented to be of far greater importance than they could bear. The concept of "eternal love," or whatever other love-bullshit the movie tried to get away with, is something one has to work hard in order to accomplish to an effective, or even passable, degree; Beautiful Creatures managed nothing in the vicinity of that.

The fantasy/magic aspects worked to some degree but fell into three very distinct categories: 1) Silly, parody-like, humorous magic. 2) Ominous and dark (though not dark enough) magic. 3) Boring magic to make the story move forward. All three merged together didn't really work. You can't make a dinner scene like the one from Beetle Juice (1988) in one instance and then skip to talking about all-serious stuff like nothing had happened. I found this hilarious but it at the same time ruined any of the movie's credibility concerning the darker fantasy aspects.

Beautiful Creatures is not a good movie. It could probably be cut down to an acceptable short film, but in its current form it simply is too weak. Skip it and go watch some of the many other, far better fantasy movies out there.

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