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I'm new about RPing from this particular app, how does this work?

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"These vampires.... They're a disease, a plauge... Granted powers of greatness through a virus. I'm the last true vampire... The unholy son of Lamae Beolfag"
~Kodak Beolfag

Basic Info

Full Name: Kodak Beolfag

Alias: The cursed son

Gender: Male

Race: Nedic

Age: Unknown

Height: 6'7"

Hair Color: Long, White hair

Eye color:  pure black eyes

Skin Complexion: Pale, covered in scars from past battles and wars.

Birth Date: Unknown

Build: Tall, very masculine

Dominant Hand: left


"Sweet mother, sweet mother, send your child unto me, for the sins of the unworthy must be baptized in blood and fear." - The Black Sacrament ritual

~Gains the power of the vampire without being sinsetive to sunlight.

~Is well hated in both the Mortal and Vamipre realms.

~It's unknown who raised him, where, and how old he truely is. What is know is that he is, in fact, the son of Lamae Beolfag.

~He has scoured Dwemer Ruins in search for knowladge on the dwemer secrets to their technology.

Kill signature:
Usually drains them of their blood. He also will leave two coins on their eyes and leave a bloody hand print on or around them. For target's only, he carries black soul gems. Soul Rend is enchanted with Soul Trap. All spent soul gems are kept organized on a bookshelf in the sanctuary.

Note Worthies:
~Though he may have godly heritage, he's far from a god himself.

~Instead of a Vampire, he's RPed as a Dhampire. Though Dhampire's don't exist, lore wise there are vampires with such features.

~Lamae Beolfag is a cannon character. Though lore wise it's not recorded that she ever conceived a child, this is more of a "What if" kind if OC.

Cold, isolated, he speaks to no one, not even his fellow members... Only the Night Mother and Lord Sithes. He shows no care, no remorse for those he's slain, killing any living being.

~Fighting Style~
Kodak is skilled with a veriady of weapons, his favored being an enchanted Akivari Sword, "Soul Rend". He also likes using his natural weapons, fangs and claws, quite often.

~Weapon (if used):

Soul Rend~ Soul Rend is an Akivari Katana that has been enchanted with Soul Trap. He received it as a personal prize when he had to Chase a contract through Akivar.

Blood Letting~ Blood Letting is another Akivari Katana. It is enchanted with Absorb health and absorb stamina

Class: Spellsword



~Fire bolt

~thunder bolt

~Ice spike


~Dead Thrall

~Soul Trap


Translation by University of Gwylim Press; 3E 105

As brighter grows light, darker becomes shadow. So it passed that the Daedra Molag Bal looked on Arkay and thought the Aedra prideful of his dominion o’er the death of manand mer, and it was sooth.

Bal, whose sphere is the wanton oppression and entrapment of mortal souls, sought to thwart Arkay, who knew that not man, nor mer, nor beastfolk of all Nirn could escape eventual death. The Aedra was doubtless of his sphere, and so Molag Bal set upon Nirn to best death.

Tamriel was still young, and filled with danger and wondrous magick when Bal walked in the aspect of a man and took a virgin, Lamae Beolfag, from the Nedic Peoples. Savage and loveless, Bal profaned her body, and her screams became the Shrieking Winds, which still haunt certain winding fjords of Skyrim. Shedding a lone droplet of blood on her brow, Bal left Nirn, having sown his wrath.

Violated and comatose, Lamae was found by nomads, and cared for. A fortnight hence, the nomad wyrd-woman enshrouded Lamae in pall for she had passed into death. In their way, the nomads built a bonfire to immolate the husk. That night, Lamae rose from her funeral pyre, and set upon the coven, still aflame. She ripped the throats of the women, ate the eyes of the children, and raped their men as cruelly as Bal had ravished her.

And so; Lamae, (who is known to us as blood-matron) imprecated her foul aspect upon the folk of Tamriel, and begat a brood of countless abominations, from which came the vampires, most cunning of the night-horrors. And so was the scourge of undeath wrought upon Tamriel, cruelly mocking Arkay’s rhythm of life and death through all the coming eras of the et'Ada, and for all his sadness, Arkay knew this could not be undone....

There were never an account  of her conceding a child, so it never happened... Right? Wrong... She had one son, direct child of Molag Bal and Lamae, Kodak.

He was raised in a cave by vampires created by his mother. Over the centuries, he was raised to kill. He was always on the move, hunted both by mortals... And the immortals. By a hundred and fifty, he was on his own.

He joined the Dark Brotherhood during the Oblivion Crises. Being one of the few to survive the betrayal. He has hundreds of black soul gems containing the souls of those who have grown victim to his wrath.

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Where are OCs submitted?

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