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Are you following these button making commandments?
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Using Tecre's Button Maker Machine to make standard Key Chain Buttons!
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87 Things to do with your Button Maker

1) Make promotional buttons for a local business.
2) Create a holiday button with wrapping paper.
3) Make a Christmas ornament button.
4) Make a teacher appreciation button.
5) Craft with buttons.
6) Anime buttons.
7) Memorial Buttons.
8) Support your political candidate with a button.
9) It’s a Boy! Buttons
10) It’s a Girl! Buttons
11) Express yourself on a button.
12) Make team buttons.
13) Make your button your own personal bumper sticker.
14) Make a button using a real map of your favorite location.
15) Sell your buttons at a fundraiser.
16) Employee of the Month buttons.
17) Make someone smile by giving them a button.
18) Put your favorite meme on a button.
19) Birthday buttons.
20) Retirement buttons.
21) Make an emoji button.
22) ID buttons.
23) Save the Date buttons.
24) Make wedding favor buttons.
25) Make a pet portrait button.
26) Draw your own artwork button.
27) Student of the week button.
28) Award buttons (1st place, 2nd place, etc.)
29) “Ask Me About…” Buttons.
30) Make an “organ donor” button.
31) Share your photography on a button.
32) Make an adornment for your shoelaces
33) Make an adornment for your hat.
34) Make an adornment for your jacket.
35) Make an adornment for any article of clothing, book bag, purse, etc.
36) Souvenir buttons.
37) Band Merch buttons.
38) Nametag buttons.
39) Best Aunt button.
40) Best Uncle button.
41) Create a game with buttons.
42) Use buttons to teach a child about patterns.
43) Go to a school and offer to make buttons for clubs, school pride, etc.
44) Sports buttons.
45) “Kiss Me I’m Irish” buttons.
46) Best Mom Ever button.
47) Best Dad Ever button.
48) Letter buttons to help those learning to read. See here
49) Bachelorette party buttons.
50) Bachelor party buttons.
51) Create fandom buttons.
52) Make a classroom freebie bin of buttons.
53) Explore the fabric button.
54) Rosette buttons.
55) Polka Dot, checkered, and chevron buttons.
56) Share your photography on a button.
57) Let your customer design their own button.
58) Create hashtag buttons. #joy #beautiful #buttons
59) Make a button chore chart.
60) Make a button rewards chart.
61) Create a button calendar. Track events with buttons.
62) Enhance your costume with a button.
63) Make a button using a dictionary page
64) Make an Earth Day button.
65) Use a Dry Erase Marker on a button.
66) Non-profit buttons.
67) Pride buttons.
68) Luggage tag buttons.
69) Keepsake buttons.
70) Place setting buttons for an event.
71) Create conversation heart buttons.
72) Make a Support Our Troops button.
73) Make best friend buttons.
74) Make a celebrity crush button.
75) Put your favorite comic on a button.
76) Make gift tag buttons.
77) Advertising buttons.
78) Giveaways. Freebies.
79) Party favor buttons.
80) Decorate a lanyard with buttons.
81) Make an “Almost Famous” button for a friend.
82) World’s Best Grandparents button.
83) Make a statement button.
84) Make a “Thank you” button.
85) Make an allergy awareness button.
86) Explore making jewelry with buttons.
87) Discover other options your machine can do. Many work with parts to make mirrors, bottle openers, magnets, etc. Do we sense a separate list starting?

Have more ideas? Please share!
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Tecre Button Blog
Tecre Button Blog
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The New Small Oval is here! #TecreProud
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Awesome button making video from our friends at Heldenwerbung GmbH selling Tecre button makers and supplies in Germany!
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Tecre is now offering the 1-1/4" magnet set with the collet button + 1" diameter magnet!
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