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Finally got our Christmas tree finished.

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Visiting @Home in Moore

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The new W5DEL repeater tower.
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Seems like we in OKC are in a perpetual state of drought. Last year was the exception but other than that, we've been in a drought since 2008. It is 86 degrees outside and the South wind is howling at 45 MPH. Wildfires are out of control around the metro. I sure hope those in the path of the fires are safe.

To be our storm season, we are as dry as can be. We have a total of 2.48 inches of rain this whole year so far. I sure hope we can start getting some rain soon.

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Looking forward to getting this.
Yesterday, we launched an update to the Google+ iOS app. This version will soon be available on Apple's App Store and contains the following features:

* Write comments while viewing a post
* 2-column stream for iPad landscape mode
* Ability to filter your notifications by All, Unread & Other
* Quick access to Google Photos, Hangouts, & Search apps

Your feedback and passion for Google+ makes it possible for us to grow. Thank you! 

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This sounds pretty cool.
Introducing smarter albums, without the work

You take a lot of photos, but you don’t always have time to organize and share them. Picking out the best photos and making an album – especially after a trip – is time consuming. More often than not, you never share those photos and they end up sitting on your phone or computer.

Starting today, Google Photos will suggest a new album for you after an event or trip, curated with just your best shots. It’ll add maps to show how far you traveled and location pins to remember where you went.

You can customize it, add captions, and turn on collaboration to let others add their photos. Before you know it, you’ll have a beautiful album ready to share.

This new album experience is rolling out today on Android, iOS, and the web. We’re taking the best of stories and bringing them to albums, so your adventures are easier to browse, edit, collaborate on, and share.

No update required, as long as you’re on the latest version of the app.

Hey +Barry Wilkinson. How are you doing? I haven't spoken to you in a while.


There are people that call themselves conservatives that are social liberals. I don't like calling myself conservative anymore. I think Christian is a title that I prefer. I no longer accept someone calling themselves Conservative when they are social liberals.
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