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John Sumser
Works at HRxAnalysts
Attended Catholic University
Lives in Bodega Bay, Ca


John Sumser

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As the 21st century opens, HR departments are dealing with a new reality. Here are the 10 ideas you need to understand.
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John Sumser

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John Sumser attended the December 2015 Workday “Tech Summit” and came away with a few key insights that he reports on here.
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My experience with trying to get a set of Google Glass frames fitted with prescription lenses is beginning to border on the absurd.

First, I ordered the Curve Lenses and took them to a Glass approved optometrist who told me that my prescription would not work in the frames. I posted about that in the forum.

I then asked about returning those frames and what the protocol would be.

Then I ordered an new set of frames (Thin) in Charcoal. The arrived in the blue color. Rather than continue to rack up credit card bills, I decided to keep them and get frames. Those glasses should be ready in a week or so.

Meanwhile, I got responses from various Google team members that seemed like they hadn't bothered to read through the various postings. They all ended with the same annoying and trite attempt at customer service humor.

Today, I go a box from Google. It was for returning the Glass Device itself, Not the Frames.

I'm working hard to remain curious about this project and its consequences. What I am getting for the most part seem to be the buggy results of a badly designed retail system that is either suffering under unexpected volume or has some other process issues.

I expect, now that I've posted this, to receive overly patronizing responses from Googlers who haven't looked closely at the case.

Please. I want to keep the device and learn how to use it once the prescription is done. But, I want to return the frames that you said would work but didn't (because of the intense curve in their design).
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John Sumser

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Estero Americano on the Marin Sonoma Border
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The desaturating haze says California coast to me. We have similar vistas here in Western Australia but they are razor sharp and deep colored - no haze. This is like an Italian renaissance painting. Here we get tack sharp Dali. 
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John Sumser

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We think we can measure and predict people but the truth is we really can’t. What happens, then, when we measure someone or a group of someones and then label them with the results?
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John Sumser

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John Sumser

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Turns out that the new RX Frames don't work with just any old prescription. My Curve frames will not work with progressive lenses. Google's answer is to wait til more frames are in stock and then order them one at a time until I find a frame that works. That means that I'm in the market to trade someone a set of Curc=ve frames (unused) for one of the others. Any takers?
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+Hanish Patel any suggestions 
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Researcher and Analyst focusing on People and Technology. HR, HRTech, , Social Media
I help develop marketing strategy for vendors who serve the HR and Recruiting Industries. I am the editor of the HRExaminer and the Principal Analyst at HRxAnalysts
  • Catholic University
    Psychology, Philosophy, 1973 - 1979
  • Johns Hopkins University
    Organizational Psychology, 1979 - 1983
  • Loyola College
    MBA, 1982 - 1984
Basic Information
Consulting with Companies who sell to the HR - Staffing - Recruiting - HRTech - TotalHR Marketplace
  • HRxAnalysts
    Principal Analyst, 2011 - present
  • HRExaminer
    Founder and Editor in Chief, 2009 - present
  • Two Color Hat
    Consulting with Companies who sell to the HR - Staffing - Recruiting - HRTech - TotalHR Marketplace, present
    Board Director, 1999 - 2010
  • Recruiting Roadshow
    Founder and Director, 2006 - 2008
  • interbiznet
    Founder and CEO, 1994 - 2005
  • Whole Earth (Point Foundation)
    Director, Editor and Publisher, 1992 - 1994
  • Westinghouse Defense
    Director, Research and Development, 1978 - 1992
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Bodega Bay, Ca
All over the place, Northern Virginia - Vienna, Va - Westminster, Md - Baltimore, MD - Washington, DC - Mill Valley, CA - San Rafael, CA - Santa Rosa, CA - Petaluma, CA - Bodega Bay, CA
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Best Practices are a Warning Sign

The HR and HRTech industries are exploding with dramatic assertions about how things work and what matters. Even though no one can agree on


We think we can measure and predict people but the truth is we really can’t. What happens, then, when we measure someone or a group of someo

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John Sumser attended the December 2015 Workday “Tech Summit” and came away with a few key insights that he reports on here.

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Espier Control Center 7

Espier Control Center 7 è un plugin per Espier Launcher 7 (o Espier Launcher). Questa app può essere utile per controllare rapidamente le fu