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Sex Trafficking
"The United Nations estimates human trafficking occurs in 161 countries, involving about 2 million children in the commercial sex trade.

U.S. officials say human trafficking is the fastest-growing illegal industry and second largest, behind only drugs – and generates $32 billion annually, more than Major League Baseball, National Football League and National Basketball Association, combined."

What are we doing to combat this atrocity?

If you haven't done so yet, watch Nefarious: Merchant of Souls which documents the horrors of sex trafficking across 4 continents and 19 countries.
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24-7 Prayer

It's sweeping our world in miraculous ways. Yet many of us are unaware, we live our lives on the periphery.

In Luke 19:46, Jesus invokes, "It is written: 'My house will be a house of prayer.'"

Every believer has a calling on their life to live that out.
Join with believers worldwide in +24-7 Prayer  .
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A Powerful Answer to a Difficult Question by a Survivor of the Aurora, CO shooting

Her blog audience went from 30 to over a 1,000,000 after writing this post. She received over 1500 comments via email.

It's a question most of us consider after such a senseless tragedy -- some privately, others publicly:
"Do you STILL think God is a merciful God?!

Thanks to +Will Davis Jr for sharing this post on your blog!
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Are you killing your staff?

It's a question that provokes something from within us that wants to quickly and loudly answer, "No way!"

And yet, it's so easy to do.

Countless are the casualties from church staffs of great servants of God who got burned out, snuffed out, or kicked out because of the effects of unhealthy, unfair, micro-managing, demoralizing leadership over them.

It rarely is an outright intentional act on the part of leaders.

Yet, as leaders we need to ask ourselves as well as our staffs if we are doing any of these 7 habits detailed by +Artie Davis 
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Hope & Holidays

Happy 4th of July! Thank you to all of our troops who so valiantly & sacrificially protect our country!

Holidays are often the times when our loss, loneliness, and longings come to the surface.

May you remember on this day:
His hope does not disappoint us.
His strength will not fail us.
His surprises for our lives tower high above what our human eyes can see.
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It's what we attribute to the firefighters fighting the #WaldoCanyonFire in Colorado, sports' heroes who overcame the odds, and to our friends and loved ones who are battling or who have battled against cancer and disease.

Through our life circumstances and situations, God is developing guts of faith in each of us to keep us going for the long haul.

How are your guts?
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What's Missing in Our Churches Today?

Jesus exhorted us to be houses of prayer in Luke 19:46. A house includes all the members present.

In His ministry, Jesus didn't just teach and then take off. He ministered by healing & praying with people whose hearts had been touched, convicted, and stirred up by His words.

As churches, we have many opportunities to minister to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our body by having a team of people devoted to on-site prayer at our weekly services.
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What Keeps You Going Through the Tough Times?

Some rely on the encouragement of others.

Others escape to hobbies, online entertainment, alcohol or pills to numb the pain.

While others just give up and give in.

In our tough times, these 5 anchors from God's Word are vital to keep close at hand.
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Do we tolerate to the point of harming ourselves and others?

It's something we're afraid of even asking for fear that we might be labeled an intolerant jerk.

+Will Davis Jr speaks the truth in love with convicting directness. May we take this historical and biblical perspective to heart.
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Engaging Fully in Prayer

Are you fully embracing the power & authority you have been given in your prayer life? - Luke 10:19

Is your church a house of prayer? - Luke 19:46

Order your copy of Precious Stones of Intercession today:

WestBow Press:
Barnes & Noble: 
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