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This is the Wordle for Retake the Net. It's not been fiddled in any way - these really are our values. Want to take the Net back? Want to make it back into something that benefits us and each other, not just large companies and governments? Join us.
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Colin Jackson

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Mac OS X Lion won't talk properly to my NAS box. This is annoying to the point of making me want to back it out, but that looks hard as well.

The problem is that Finder can see the shares on the NAS box and open them, but it says I have no permission to open the folders within the shares, so it won't. It marks each folder with a little red "No Entry" symbol.

If I use another program, say Microsoft Word or OS X Contracts, I can descend into the folders even though they are still marked with a "No Entry"

If I use a command line through Terminal I can descend through the directories and access the files quite happily.

So, there's something screwy in the way permissions are being reported by the NAS box - which is Lian Li hardware, and I'm on the latest firmware - or in the way they are being interpreted by Lion. No doubt both parties could point at each other on this but it used to work just fine on Snow Leopard.

I've tried the instructions on the Web which tell you to do various things with multiple restarts - they are aimed at people whose NAS won't even talk to Lion (yes, there are many worse off than I) - but they don't help with my problem.

I can see 3 possibilities: Apple patches this issue toute de suite (ha!), I find an alternative to finder for manipulating NAS files, or I back the whole thing out (painful).
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Sounds like you're onto something there, especially if MC, terminal and others are behaving themselves. 
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Colin Jackson

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After getting over the broken SMB, I'm seriously loving OS X Lion. I really like the way different desktops are handled and can be flicked between with a gesture on the trackpad. I can get far better use of the laptop because its easier to flick through the various things I have running. One screen for development, one for writing, another for "checkables" like Twitter, email etc. If a programme goes full-screen, and most of the Apple ones can, it makes its own private desktop which you can flick to. This may be the biggest innovation in UI since Os X was launched.

Another thing: I always used the built-in mail client on OS X in preference to Thunderbird, Outlook or Gmail, and I always liked it. Now it's improved substantially in Lion. The two main things I like (apart from being able to full-screen it but still flick off to other desktops) are that I no longer have to waste a sidebarfor a list of mailboxes - I can just put the relevant ones in a toolbar; and the way it has assigned a key to my "move this message to the archive folder" function, which is something I do dozens of times per day.

So, I'm looking forward to a patch from Apple to solve the SMB issues that I and others are having. But I wouldn't go back.
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Hey Colin. Yes Lion is not too bad. Only problem I had is that it will no longer talk to my HP network printer. Real pain.
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Colin Jackson

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New Zealand seems to have the lowest data caps on its Internet in the developed world. Recently, InternetNZ commissioned me to write a report about this. My brief was to go round the Internet industry and ask people for their views, and specifically ask them why, if our expensive submarine cable is the answer to our high data caps, don’t we at least have free onshore Internet traffic?

The results are quite interesting. InternetNZ is asking for comments on the report – please send them some if you have any.
Search this site: Home. InternetNZ. Our Work; Membership; Meetings; News; About Us; Login. Access; Openness; Rights and Responsibilities; Security; Submissions; Partnerships; Apply for Funding; IPWatc...
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Brenda - if you can get me a traceroute, I'd be very happy. Colin
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Colin Jackson

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A cool new project:

This is part of the Retake The Net series of projects, put together by people who want to see more widely spread control of the Internet - more democratic accountability, if you like.

The "policy auction" (working title) is a way for people to tell others what policy they want to see in New Zealand. Participants, which is everyone who signs up, will get a fixed number of virtual dollars every week and can spend them buying policies. The aim to is to make it clear to government what people who use the Internet (that's pretty much all of us, right, except the dorks^H^H^H^H MPs who passed the last copyright amendment while saying they didn't know what the Internet is) think government should be doing.

A group of us is putting the site together right now. We are looking for a few helpers who can write and know the media to help us set up the text on the website and to manage the publicity around the launch. Email me on anything at it dot gen dot nz if you can do that and want to help.

Oh, and there's plenty of glory in it if goes well, but no money. What did you think?
Project idea. The next general election in New Zealand takes place in November 2011, and many of us find it difficult to decide who to vote for. We may respect individual candidates, or agree with ele...
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