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Joerg Bonner
Nature & Travel Photographer from Austria
Nature & Travel Photographer from Austria

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The End of All Light

click here for large version:

this was taken earlier this year during my trip through the chilean altiplano. heavy storm - epic sunset.

#chile #altiplano #salardesurire

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Second Chances

click here for large version:…/108543187/second-chances-by-joerg-bonner

another one from my autumn trip to northern norway in late september 2014. still heavily working on the new stuff.

#norway #senja #landscapephotography  

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best web-sharpening script around! check it out!
Finally the new version of my Web Sharpener (V1.0a) is available. Here are a few of the updates ...

*) Better standard sharpening
*) A separate method for sharpening night shots, portraits etc.
*) The finished image can be instantly saved to JPG now without having to convert it first.
*) Watermarks can be placed in 9 positions now.
*) There a batch version included to process a whole folder of images.

Enjoy, share and like as much as you want.

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Rise of the Dark Knight

click here for large version:

I'm finally back in front of my desktop computer after 11 weeks of travelling. Lots of new stuff to process and work on, but for now all I can offer is this older shot of mine. Found it deep down in my archive last year when I was looking for possible candidates for a competition.

#patagonia #landscapephotography #mountainphotography  

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View large version on 500px:

Yesterday I came to the conclusion that all my previous attempts of processing this shot from 2012 were basically crap. Did a nightly reprocess which I finished off today.

My sincere apologies to those of you who where unfortunate enough to view any of the earlier versions!

#landscapephotography +Landscape Photography #mountainphotography  
#dolomites #magichour #italy #autumn  

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as you can tell from my new cover image above things are starting to move again here. after a 7 month hiatus i'm back posting stuff.

here's a quick share of my latest image on 500px. check it out!

more will follow soon.

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well, it's been quiet here for quite a while... i haven't found the time to post anything lately. ever since i returned from my trip to colombia in february i've been busy at work and only sat down to work on my images from time to time. i've been so busy i even managed to completely miss out on one of my online-duties: regularly post an image on the +Nature Highlights blog. i've just realized that, and quickly uploaded a shot - hoping that nobody would notice. it's probably too late for that - my upload was due on may 17..

anyways, here's the shot for you, my fellow g+ supporters:

btw, make sure to check back at on june 1 (then it's my turn again) and if you haven't already, it's about time to circle +Nature Highlights

#landscapephotography #colombia #elcocuy #milkyway #milkywayphotography #astrophotography #nightscapephotography #nightscape  

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The Light of the Night

Cerro Torre in a full-moon-lit night shot during my latest spring trip to Patagonia. Please click the image to view on black background.

More info about the image and why I find it hard to take pictures of Cerro Torre on my blog:

#landscapephotography +Landscape Photography
#nightscapephotography #nightscapes #patagonia #cerrotorre #fullmoon  

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Time to say goodbye to 2013. Follow the link to see what my past year was about.

Thanks to everyone involved in making it the year it was. And that of course goes to all of you who have me in your circles. Thanks for your +1s and comments!


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Patagonian Snake

A week ago I returned from another great trip to Patagonia. This time during spring.
Weather and light were not quite as cooperative as on my first two trips but I guess you guys know that saying about life and lemons. So here's a first glass of lemonade (I already started squeezing out lemons on the landing approach to El Calafate).

#patagonia #landscapephotography #aerialphotography #argentina #plusphotoextract  
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