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Joko Fani Andrianto (Andre)

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Hal Penghalang Dalam Menuntut Ilmu
1. Keliru Niat Niat adalah dasar dan rukun sebuah amal. Apabila niat itu salah dan rusak, maka amal yang dikerjakan akan ikut salah dan rusak, sebesar salah dan rusaknya niat. Apabila niat itu tercampuri dengan tujuan kotor dalam segala bentuknya, seperti i...

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Installing Windows Stuck on Completing Installation
This is kind a clasic case on windows until now I don't know why this fucking issue happen. But sometime this issue will come to you. So you can use this way to help you on fucking bad situation. At this screen open your command prompt using shift+f10 : typ...

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Installing OpenStack on RadHat Linux
update repository yum -y update install RDO repo paket yum -y install to see wheater rdo installed properly ll /etc/ install openstack packstack yum -y openstack-packstack will install all compon...

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How To Configure Management IP On Storage HP MSA 2040
Configure IP Address For Management Port HPE MSA 2040 - HPE MSA come with two version as I know which is LFF stand for Large Form Factor and SFF stand for Small Form Factor. It's has 2 controller for redundancy and support fiber channel but you have to inst...

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Cisco Show Interface Command Explaination
Did you ever use this command? ofcouse every Cisco engineer will use this command to verify or trouble shooting. This is some important thing you should understand about show interface command. let't try the command on cisco router : R1#sh int g0/0 GigabitE...

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IP Subnet Zero Explanations
On traditional Cisco router you maybe known and heard about ip subnet-zero command. This command will allow you to used the first subnet and last subnet of IP address. Maybe now you will never deal with this command on new Cisco code because since 12.x and ...

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Handmade Network Automation Tools
Network automation lagi banyak dibicarakan, seperti Ansibel, Puppet, chef, salt, dll. Sejujurnya Gw masih belum paham banget masalah tools Network Automation yang gw sebutin di atas. Tapi mendengar dan melihat orang-orang selalu membicarakan dan menghebohka...

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Something to Remember IPv4 Class C Table

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IEEE Ethernet standards
10Base-T (IEEE 802.3) 10
Mbps using category 3 unshielded twisted pair (UTP) wiring for runs up to 100
meters. Unlike with the 10Base-2 and 10Base-5 networks, each device must
connect into a hub or switch, and you can have only one host per segment or
IEEE Ethernet standards ~ Andre Networking
IEEE Ethernet standards           ~            Andre Networking

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Gw bener2 gak bisa bergerak di akhir semester ini, yang awalnya gw fikir gw bisa santai dan ngerjain beberapa projek yang sudah gw buat deal! tapi bener2 pekerjaan dan kuliah gw semakin semakin dan semakin mengikat dan menyita semua waktu gw. gw fikir di aw...
Strangled ~ Andre Networking
Strangled           ~            Andre Networking
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