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New Frames (Newframes)

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It's snowing heavily now in central London. Don't panic Mr Mainwaring

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What's On In London
The National Gallery

Friday 23 February, 1–2pm Room 41

Thomas Gosebruch and Gayna Pelham

Join an artist and lecturer to explore a painting in two different ways. First, listen to a brief talk then respond by making your own work in this short, artist-led drawing session. All materials are provided.
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We Are Recruiting
Full Time and Part Time Staff
CV’s to
T: 020 7436 8389

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Swinging 60's Carnaby Street.
Campbells Soup' Apron framed in a white box frame moulding with Neilsen Truecolour Glazing.#retro #Twiggy #Neilsen #carnaby Carnaby London​

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Sterling Silver Boat Framing
Object framed within a cove mount and window mount. Using Truecolour glass and a deep black box painted moulding. #neilsen #Framing

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Readymade frames are a cost-effective way of framing artwork, however, there are limitations and their use are not advisable for all types of artwork. The longevity will vary due to the quality of the frame.

Custom frames are one of a kind. A well designed and made frame will last for many years to come and certainly longer than most other home furnishings.

Readymade frames are limited in choice of styles and sizes and usually made of inferior materials. The corners are pinned, and the backs are often made of fibre board, a cheap option that tends to bend and the hangings can break free. MDF can be used in some products.

Custom framing offers the consumer a wide selection of mouldings in usually wood or aluminium in various styles and colours. These can be made to complemented with the addition of custom-made mats in various colours, finishes and depths. This allows for various techniques to be used to enhance the appearance … float mounted, double mounted, shadow box, set to the back of the frame. The list can be as long as the framer’s imagination.

A professional custom framer would glue and pin the corners to give extra strength and to minimise the movement that can open the corners up, through expansion and contraction due to changes in the atmosphere. The backs can be of various materials, our favourite is MDF as this adds to the stability of the frame, keeping the artwork in place and not so prone to warping. A conservation barrier board is added between the back and the artwork for protection from acids. Other man-made backs are available.

Readymade frames are glazed with rolled glass, which can have imperfections, colour cast, and a slight ripple to the surface. Custom frames use quality float glass. Our minimum is water white which has greater clarity and fewer iron particles which can create a green tinge. Anti-reflective and UV options are also available.

Custom frame is finished with superior hangings that should be attached to the frame, not the backing board, together with none corrosive wire (coated in thin plastic to stop rusting)


Lower Cost-------------------------------------More expensive
Available off the shelf------------------------Made to order
Basic materials used-------------------------Quality materials
Limited styles----------------------------------Large range of styles
Limited colours--------------------------------Large range of colours
Limited size options--------------------------Any size
One type of glass-----------------------------Various quality glazing
Mass produced--------------------------------Individually made
Limited advice---------------------------------Professional advice

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What are you buying me for Christmas? 🤔

What do you buy for the person who has everything?

For something unique frame a photo or object that is special to your wife, husband, daughter, son, relative, friend or work colleague.

Phone us now for more details. 0207 436 8389
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