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I am who I am.

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Think about it. Is change an individual effort that we should "change
from within"? Or, are we the type of people driven by our leaders, our
society, our culture? Is change, considering these factors of
leadership, society and culture, a collective effor...

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The Buzzing Bees!
Oh, just some random thoughts on Philippine politics and current events. On "truths", the rule of law & the accused. + Bombard people with unbelievable figures, some, especially the noisy
ones, will accept the figures and the implications as truthful facts...

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An Objective Analysis of History
Is that too much to ask for? Aren't historians supposed to objectively analyze historical events? To at least have an unbiased way of presenting history. I did not live through Martial Law. I knew people who did and their stories varied. I lived through Ago...

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SOTW: Ho Hey, MSR! ♥
SOTW - February 14 to February 20, 2016 This is the perfect song of the week. Ho Hey by The Lumineers . Simply because... Babylon . This is the perfect Mulder and Scully song.  I never thought I would actually listen to this song like I do now. Don't get me...

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TV REVIEW: The X-Files - "Babylon"
[ POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD ] Babylon received a lot of flak it did not deserve. Well, for someone who loved the episode, I'd definitely say that. Let's just say, when Chris Carter writes a story about religion, faith, and humanity, it's something I take into...

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TV REVIEW: The X-Files - "Home Again"
[ POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD ] You have probably read reviews about this episode and yes, most of them have been great reviews. It would be difficult to top those solid reviews, but then again, that is not the goal. While a lot of the reviews were solid, some ...

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Answers in Unexpected Places
Wise words from a T-shirt | H&M Apparently, those words came from the song Fix You by Coldplay. Forgive me for not knowing. I rarely listen to Coldplay. At least I got something from it. It's another way of saying, "face your damn fears". All the questions ...

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Want v. Can: Life, Uncertainties and Fears
There's a big difference between "What I Want to Do" and "What I Can Do". I'm in a phase of my life where I simply am not sure of what to do. Heck, I don't even know what to do. Do I look for a "firm" job, an "office" job, or do I start the "litigation" tra...

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TV REVIEW: The X-Files - "Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster"
Photo credit @thexfiles [ SPOILERS AHEAD ] Critics have been raving about ' Were-Monster ' for weeks and now, I know why. This Darin Morgan penned episode was funny, deep and moving. It really, really is funny. Truly hilarious! More importantly, it had a to...

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