[Important Public Service Announcement]
Facebook's new timeline profiles are going to resurface everything you've done on there since you joined the service.
My suggestion? No, it's not "leave Facebook", don't be silly.
It's actually: clean up your friends list, and fast. Facebook is actually designed to share your info with people you know and like, not every random person you met, half drunk at a party, or that cutie with a nice profile picture that your cousin's roommate knows.
Real life friends, family, people you know and trust. Having 540 "friends" doesn't actually make you popular; just limit these relations to people you actually care about, and avoid much crying and despair later down the line... You've been warned!

PS: Also, dividing your friends between the two simple groups "friends" and "acquaintances", and setting all your important info to be visible to "friends but not acquaintances" wouldn't hurt.
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