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Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers on the West Coast of South Island are the two biggest of the 140 New Zealand glaciers - and the ones that are most easily accessible.

Normally you can only get to glaciers on guided tours and scenic helicopter rides, but Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers are different. Since the lower end of these two glaciers lies in a rainforest you only need to take a short walk to reach to them.

#travel #travelphotography #newzealand #glaciers #walking #campervan

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What is driving in New Zealand and on its South Island West Coast like, in an area of rugged coastline, stormy seas and green rainforests?

We made a trip to South Island West Coast, along State Highway 6 south from Punakaiki Pancake rocks and down to Lake Matheson and Franz Joseph and Fox Glaciers. Our 370 km West Coast drive continued to Haast where we turned inland.

#newzealand #travel #roadtrip #westcoast #campervan

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The Italian city of Florence is a world class sight, but since its historic center is packed into a small area you can discover the best of Florence in one day.

To help you explore Florence sights I put them on a map and made a walking itinerary between them.

#travel #italy #florence #firenze #visititaly 

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After a weekend in the Eternal City I made a list of Top 10 sights in Rome. I put Rome's best attractions on a Google map with a walking itinerary and added photos. Enjoy Rome!

#travel #italy #visititaly #rome #roma

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The scenic road from Christchurch to Greymouth takes you across the Southern Alps from the Pacific Coast in the east to the Tasman Sea in the west. The highest point on the itinerary is Arthur’s Pass at 920 m.

We rented a campervan at the airport and set off from Christchurch to Greymouth and down the West Coast.

#newzealand #campervan #arthurspass #westcoast

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Not far away from Funchal, Madeira you can find a hidden valley - check out the new post on Routes and Trips travel blog.

#madeira #curraldasfreiras

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The historic Belem outside Lisbon is the right place to learn about Portugal's history and national monuments.

#portugal #belem #travel #history

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The carnival period in Brazil has started and finally it's time for the Rio Carnival! Why not also go sightseeing in Rio de Janeiro? My post shows you the best sights and a sightseeing route in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

#carnival #riodejaneiro #brazil

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The Olinda Carnival and the Carnival in Recife is where Brazilians go and party each year in February.

The Unesco World Heritage listed old town of Olinda makes a perfect setting for a street party that lasts for a week, or even more.

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