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Somebody post message on yelp, I like it.

First and foremost, the restaurant is clean and well up kept. Anyone who has visited Pho 2000 or any other "authentic" pho restaurant in the area knows what I am talking about. You just do not expect pho places to be in a pristine condition. A certain amount of grime and dings is what you expect to find. Not here. The interior is quaint and cozy. Wooden walls, interesting tables and decorations. From the moment you enter you feel the warmth.
The menu is quite elaborate, but it makes sense since this place is a Vietnamese and Thai cuisine restaurant - not just pho.  Speaking of menu, I enjoyed everything I had, from the Vietnamese coffee, served and brewed table side in an authentic filter to the fried Spring Roll appetizers, and of course, the pho. I ordered the combination pho which came with all the usual fixins, but unfortunately lacked umami in its broth. However, once I dumped every possible sauce and added a little salt into it, the dish was perfect. Let's face it, I would have done it anywhere I went anyway.
The service was great. The atmosphere is nice and I even got to enjoy a show, which consisted of a inebriated patron making a ruckus in the establishment for reasons unknown. This brought fourth two cooks from the kitchen who escorted the gentleman out with minimal force. Bravo guys! Bravo.
To make this place even more attractive, it is located on a plaza with free parking and as all good restaurants in Los Angeles may be a tad difficult to find since the sign is really small. Once you do, however, you will keep comping back. I know I will.
n ngon nhé!

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