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I've been studying Japanese on and off for a couple of years so I'd say I'm between N4 and N3 but I would love to write and/or chat with someone of any level. I miss speaking Japanese!
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Hi Elise! I'm probably about your level, we might be able to muddle through :D Feel free to add me and/or post some chat on the Japanese Language topic!
Jenny A
I've started up a circle of anyone who want to practice speaking Japanese. Do you want to be added +Elise Ho ?
Elise H
Jack, that sounds awesome. I prefer starting with writing first though, if you don't mind. I'm a little rusty. :D What's your email?

Jenny, please do add me!!! Thanks!
Hi +marc hallut - have you learnt any Japanese before or are you looking to start now? I'd suggest a new post asking for someone willing to teach, and also looking at some of the great books and online resources available!
+Elise Ho that's fine! I'm still a little nervous in conversation too :) I've meddled with my circles and privacy settings a little, so you should now be able to see my email in the About section on my profile! Drop me an email when you get this and then we can keep in touch! Also we can chat on G+ text.
Elise H
This sounds really dumb but I'm not entirely familiar with Google+ Text... Is that the chat option or is it something else...?
Yep, I just mean the chat feature that's built in. 
Jenny A
Has anyone been able to get a weekly thing going?
Not that scheduled, but there are a couple of people I've met on here that I email regularly as penpals. Can be hard to talk live unless you're in similar timezones!
Jenny A
I gave up on it myself. 
Good to know? It's a shame you gave up - do you think you could suggest anything different about the format that would have made you want to try?
Jenny A
No apologizing for your bad English. That is so damn annoying to hear all the time. We're here to improve our Japanese so why does anyone's English need to be excused?

I'm usually free on Sundays. We could set up a google calendar and then see when everyone is free to plan a chat. At least that way we can see the different time zones too. 
I don't know that I've seen many people apologising for bad English, and is it a problem if they do? I don't think the environment is such that it makes people feel the need to apologise, people just do it for many reasons when introducing themselves. I know when introducing myself in Japanese I often make a point of apologising for my bad Japanese!

One other thing that we could do (I think this is something we'd be able to do within G+?) is start a circle/use the one you've created for people to join, and I could post some general 'conversation times' in the community message on the left for bands of timezones at which people could come on with the intention of chatting live with others in the circle?
Hi +marc hallut! If you want to take your learning to a higher level, I really suggest trying to find a beginner's class that you can attend in person? Are there any in your local community?

You can talk to any of us here to practise the things you might learn! I'm not really good enough to teach someone new to Japanese!
Jenny A
Hmm I never apologize for my bad Japanese. I figured it was understood that I'm still a learner and nothing needs to be said.

I've posted stuff to the circle and I think it just gets lost. Maybe it's better to just do something within a community. 
Elise H
+marc hallut I agree with +Jack Preston, we're all kind of in the learning process ourselves so having us teach may not be in your best interest but we are glad to help practice in any way that we can.

I was chatting with a friend the other day and he was telling me how a bunch of his elementary school friends and him had gotten back in contact with each other and they have started a massive group chat on WhatsApp (smartphone app that's free but requires the Internet). They're all in different time zones but they chat very regularly so maybe that's something we could consider or test out?

It would be less regular than a set weekly meeting but it would be more convenient for people or students who have a less regular schedule... What do you guys think?
Elise H
I tried to download WeChat once but I had trouble getting it to work. I'll try again. That voice message thing sounds good!
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