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I always have trouble with Japanese synonyms but the dictionaries don't always do a good job of explaining nuances in languages. For example, what is the difference between 会見 (kaiken) and 面接 (mensetsu) for interviews and 手紙 (tegami) and 封書 (fusho) for letters and can they really be used interchangeably?
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In my experience, not just with Japanese but with my other non-native languages, is that it's often really hard to give a pat explanation. Your best bet is to search for usage examples. Check ALC for example sentences for the two terms, for instance, and see how usage differs.

In the end this comes down to exposure and experience, rather than cramming.
Elise H
Thanks for the recommendations. And I completely agree with the exposure vs. cramming, but it's hard, like you said, when you're not in the environment.
hisao m
記者会見 press conference. 会見 is more formal.
面接 interview, like in a job interview.
手紙 letter, it is more informal 
封書 is an envelope with a letter inside
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