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At Baidu we have developed very cool deep learning technology for various products, including mobile voice search, OCR, face recognition, search ads, etc. Yesterday, we just launched our first image similarity search engine, in which the core technology is again deep learning. Try it out here http://stu.baidu.com/ 
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+Kai Yu I dont understand how to use it, please provide localized version
Paste a link to an image in the search box.
I can't believe this is cooler than Google image matching. I think Google just uses a few features, like color map. This one has incredible performance on Chinese celebrities' search. But I guess the current data set is only crawled from Chinese web pages. Waiting for English version!
Very clever. I tried on some images and compared with Google Image search. It seemed to work better. Interestingly it said "no images found" (translated by a friend) but showed 'visually similar' and they were much better than the Google ones. Does this mean that the deep learning didn't find an image so it backed off to a simpler approach?
Perhaps you'd like to elaborate a bit on how you did it?
Your image search engine is way better than Google, keeping on your great work!
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