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Everything happens so much

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I added this plank workout from +Neila Rey to my routine about two weeks ago, and I'm a big fan. It's short enough to be willing to tackle it and hard enough to be worth the effort.

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I turned my workout today into a little experiment about the data some of my favorite fitness trackers can give me. I started all of the trackers off at zero for the day and then loaded up with a +Misfit Wearables Shine, a +Fitbit Ultra, and a +Nike Fuel Band. The Fitbit, which is their original model, was clipped onto my pocket and the other two were wrist-worn.

I was in the gym for an hour and a half for an upper-body workout with some cardio and had around one and a half extra miles from walking to and from the gym.

Step counts from the wrist-worn sensors were pretty close to each other, with the Fitbit on my pocket giving a more optimistic number. I'm not sure how much of the difference (which wasn't huge) was from the location of the sensor rather than from the hardware or software from each of the companies. Calorie counts were also quite close between Fitbit and Misfit, but Nike seems to count very differently: counting less then 400 calories compared to the 1700+ from the other two.

What about the less quantifiable parts of these trackers?

Nike was the least comfortable, bulkiest tracker. It also doesn't sync with Android (not that my Fitbit does, but all of their newer models do). Misfit only tells you a percentage of your daily goal without syncing, but Fitbit and Fuel you can look up on the device itself. The Shine is my favorite looking of the sensors and is the most comfortable to wear on your wrist, but it doesn't make me feel as sporty (the leather band looks pretty good with a suit though).

Fitbit and Nike are both rechargeable, with the Shine taking a watch battery. According to Nike's iOS app, its battery was still at high for the day, but the on-device battery meter showed that I lost 75% of the Fuel Band's charge after only one day. To keep from having an untracked day I charge the Fitbit once a week, the Nike almost daily, and have to put a new battery in the Shine about once a month.

Data and syncing
If you have a new device and a pretty new phone, you can sync them all with iOS on the go and everything but Nike on an Android. You need BLE on your phone, which Apple has had longer than Android.

Once I got used to not having to think about the Misfit battery (and before I realized that it dies after about a month), I really liked not having to think about the sync and charge on the Shine as often as the other devices. Then I realized that the Shine was losing a lot of my data. I suffer partial and even full data lose on the Misfit device after as little as a few days. This seems to get worse when the battery gets low, but it's usually too late to do anything about it by the time you realize something's wrong. The Fitbit only needs to sync every three weeks and gives you a huge dashboard to analyze your data, but I also found missing data from Fitbit when I tried to go back a few months.
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There are some nice deals on wearable tech today for #wearablewednesday   at

$20 off the Shine or Pebble.

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Um, what the heck. The only website I can get to on my iPad is

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I'm loving all the iPhone articles today. One was that the new iPhone requires a password by default. This one is that the password isn't secure if you use a thumb print and also live with someone who will steal your phone while you sleep.
Heads up: your nosy boy/girlfriend can unlock your iPhone 5s with your thumb while you sleep -

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Vanilla Kreme, Chocolate Kreme, or Boston Kreme? Have your pick on National Cream Filled Donut Day!

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I'm the only one in my building who wears a suit to work, and still, +Google Glass ignores me.
The Glass team hit the streets for New York Fashion Week. We met fashionable folks outside of Lincoln Center, Milk Studios and other Fashion Week hotspots and let them give Glass a try. Here are a few of our favorites.

Stay tuned for more #streetstyle and regrammed photos from our Explorers via @googleglass on Instagram.
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I've been using the  +OrderAhead app for a few weeks now and it's awesome. Today, I got an email from them thanking me for my business and asking me to invite my friends. Well, I'd be happy to invite my friends because the app is, as I said, awesome.

Why do I like this app?
1. I hate talking to people on the phone, especially strangers, but especially to order takeout. Now I can just order online and pick up in person.
2. I often forget my wallet at home and let's face it, a lot of stores don't take Google Wallet, or it doesn't work. I've definitely used order ahead while inside a sandwich place so that I could actually pay for my food.

The link is the one they sent me. Apparently you get a $5 credit on your first purchase if you use it to create a new account. I have no idea if the link works correctly (I had expected a way to share directly with email addresses when I went there) and there is zero monetary benefit for me if you use it.

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This seems like it wouldn't be a challenge at all for +Lichan Hong .
Everyone seemed enthused to take up our challenge last time, so let's try it again: who can walk 20k steps in ONE day over the weekend? Let us know using #FitbitSummer!

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Please watch out for marbles on the ground. #googlife  
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