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Surrounding on all sides of the Electrical Trade "Ambient"
Surrounding on all sides of the Electrical Trade "Ambient"


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Metal Halide Lamps The Unknown Hazards  !!!!

Did you Know????

Metal Halide Lamps are a finicky lamp, they have different part numbers if it is a Horizontal installation, a Base Up Installation. And not to mention the Probe Start Vs Pulse Start. And that is just the start of the headache of Metal Halide Lamps.

If you have an open style Fixture or one with a Poly Lens you will want to install Open Rated Lamps. These lamps have an additional part in the lamp it is a Protective Shroud. This Shroud is supposed to shield the outer glass from a catastrophic failure of the Arch Tube.

If you keep a Metal Halide Lamp in operation longer than it's listed hours of operation you run the risk of the Arch Tube Rupturing. Even if you have a Open type Lamp installed in an Open Fixture the Lamp can Fail and Shatter showering Hot Glass (Hot Enough to Cause a Fire). Ensure you keep track of the types of lamps & the Hours of operation.

Below are Pictures of just this kind of Failure. The Customer opted to have the Fixtures removed and replaced with LED's
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