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Mark Essel
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Mark Essel

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thought this was a good read on ui/app flow
Cluster is the first native mobile app I’ve designed, and the experience has taught me a lot about things to consider that aren’t necessarily a concern on..
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Mark Essel

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Skating Video tips from a Pro, Tyler Hendley
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Mark Essel

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+Travis Koger  I never said I thought they'd be able to get my email address.  I said if I start seeing "spam" in my email inbox (sent through G+ as per the new feature) I at least will have recourse to do something about it - unlike traditional spam email from anonymous sources. 

+Mark Essel I run my own email server but still use Google because its just damn good.  If I want to go private, I use gpg.  I use Google's chat / hangouts but I use psi which supports gpg so I can click the little lock icon, enter my password and chat encrypted (at least to folks that are savvy enough to have set that up for themselves - aka my wife ;)
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Mark Essel

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Have him in circles
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Backend Developer nodejs apps, native c++ mods, video processing, libcairo, graphicsmagick, opencv
  • Fast Society
    Chief of Research and Development, 2012 - present
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Port Jefferson Station, NY
founder, web hacker, alg geek, pro sim-gineer, blogger

I’m Mark Essel, a dataminer & systems engineer that’s added cofounder, web developer and author to my bag of tricks. My quest is to rediscover my life’s passions, and leverage that drive into profitable business ventures.

Perhaps even more importantly I want to aid others in listening to their own inner muses and realizing an inspirational life path that invigorates them and their loved ones each day.

  • State University of New York at Stony Brook
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Cluster is the first native mobile app I’ve designed, and the experience has taught me a lot about things to consider that aren’t necessaril


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