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My Battle With Cancer
Let me begin this short
article by saying that my recent months’ challenge became a fierce battle
ground of all FOUR Growth Areas in
my life; intellectual, physical, spiritual and emotional.   Battles like these are never ensured of only
one outcome. But th...

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Seasons of Life
My daughter was so excited to send me this picture she took as she walked across her campus today. These frosted leaves (a rare sight in Southern California) reminded me to be thinking of others during this Holiday Season. Seasons bring with them joy and so...

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Baseball is 90% Mental and the Other Half Physical
In my senior year of high school I have grown to love this game even more than before. I better understand the balance of physical talent and keeping my head in the game. My passion for baseball has never been stronger.  While I look forward to playing at t...

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Joy in the Sightings!
Do you know how rare it is to have this sighting? The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile has been spotted. It was not just passing by it on the freeway. This sighting was in a parking lot, giving out samples and fortunately for me, not gathering a crowd. Yes, this si...

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The BIGGER the Dog...
How would you finish this statement?  Perhaps "the larger the bite" or "the larger the fight"?  Well, walking into a local coffee spot this morning I overheard two gentlemen discussing their day and only grabbed a quick moment of their conversation while pa...

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Stop and Smell the Roses
I realize that most of us have heard this phrase many times.  Yet, I must confess that I continue to pursue a lifestyle where I go crazy when I have to remain silent for an entire day or even a portion of that day. So, I am starting one of my New Year's res...

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The Story Says It All
Whenever I come across a good story, I am compelled  to share it with all I connect with.  In this case I will use this short blog to connect YOU with Tony and his heartbeat called Kentucky Knows. I was so touched by my initial online connect with Tony that...

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Would You Like Fries With That?
Well, this morning I had another first.  Yep, it was my first viewing of a horse in a drive-thru.  Now, this might be routine for other places in the States.  But it is my first here in SoCal.  I had to get the photo.  So I ran out, took the picture, and sp...

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Mariachi Music, a Middle Eastern Restaurant and some Dominicans
It is a rare occasion when you get to see a couple celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  It is even more rare that you get invited to their 50th Celebration.  Well, that's exactly what happened.  Manuel and Margarita Mota celebrated 50 years of marriag...

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Do I Really Crave Adventure
I was filling up my gas tank the other day when a brief discussion with the on duty attendant caught my  attention.  He had resigned himself to accept his "kick back" and "uneventful" job as satisfying.  I asked him, "What do you do on your off time?"  He s...
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