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Elisabeth Karlehav
I guide leaders, coaches and private clients to Stay Solid when the going gets tough.
I guide leaders, coaches and private clients to Stay Solid when the going gets tough.

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Why do we like to have all the answers?
What if all that answers "do", is confine our world more and more, the more we hold on to them... 
Why do we take all our thoughts so serious?
What if all that thoughts "do", is confine our world more and more, the more we hold on to them... 
There is always another answer possible, 
there is always another thought possible.
<3 Elisabeth

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Utbildningstillfälle med bas i De Tre Principerna!
Börje Ohlsson arrangerar och leder utbildningsdagarna 12-13 april 2014 i Stockholm: 
"Hitta din livsglädje utan stress, oro, ångest och rädslor!"
Jag deltar som utbildare under lördagen den 12 april och det vore otroligt kul att träffa dig på plats! Klicka nedan!

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This weeks Three Principles Weekly [2013W32] I will give you a question:
* Is the gut feeling ever anything else than information about the quality of our thinking in the moment?
* Can "the gut feeling" be wisdom?

Given those questions I've decided to lead - again - with:
* Judith Sedgeman "How I met Leon" - a mind teasing story that got me thinking, should we listen to our gut feeling? - to complement her article with thoughts on gut feelings:
* "Thought attack", by GARRET Kramer
* "Feelings - what are they good for?", by Sandy Krot and another article by Garret touching on the subject of gut feeling:
* "Why Athletes Cheat - The Overlooked Answer"


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I was driving my car to the town center to run some errands. On my way there I saw an old man, running, in my opposite direction. Bright red running gear, a bit of a hunched back, striking the pavement a bit hard in his step but with a fresh speed.

I ran my errands and a bit later I was on my way back again.

There he was again!

I smiled.

The red running gear, his back a bit hunched, striking the pavement a bit hard in his steps but still with a fresh speed.

I cheered him on inside my head: 
"You Go!",
My smile grew wider;
"Go, go go!"

He lifted his head, looked straight towards my car, straight in my eyes,  lifted his arm and waved with a wide smile.

- - - 

Körde med bilen in till centrum för att göra några ärenden. På väg in såg jag en gammal man som sprang längs med vägen, klarröda shorts och klarrött linne, något krum rygg, ganska hårda nedslag i steget men med god fart.

Jag gjorde mina ärenden och ett litet tag senare var jag påväg hem igen i bilen.

Där kom han igen!

Jag log. 

De röda löparkläderna, den krumma ryggen, det ganska hårda nedslaget i steget men fortfarande god fart.

tänkte jag och fortsatte le stort medan jag följde honom med blicken genom vindrutan; 
"Heja, heja, heja!".

Han såg upp, rakt in i bilen, mötte min blick - och vinkade med ett stort leende 


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Hur går man genom motvind och storm med ett effektivt och lugnt sinnestillstånd?

Att vara ledare är inte bara solsken. Motvind, konflikter, stress och organisationens administration sliter på orken ibland. 

Imorgon tisdag 4 juni kl. 20 kan du ta del av 
Vägen Till Ditt Bästa Ledarskap - Trots Krävande Omständigheter! Välkommen

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For you my lady, if you haven't been visiting already :) +Esther Kiss 

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The feeling of worry is your body telling you that your thoughts are of low quality - and that you should take the thought serious, don't trust them - don't let your decision making be guided by those feelings. <3

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Bookmark :) Lilach is solid in offering great content - as is Kim Garst!
Do you love apps? My latest blog post lists 101 of the best mobile apps for 2013 and includes business, social media, productivity as well as some other v. cool apps

Friday night having a great time?
No? Just hit the sack as soon as you can and cuddle up with the best of those darn pillows.
Sleep let's your thinking calm down and allow for new thought to come in - and tomorrow stuff seems to not be as bad as yesterday.  Why?
Because you have New Thoughts - and that's really important to know: 
You never feel the circumstances in the outside world, 
you only ever feel your thinking. 
Sleep well and see you later :)

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Wanna Stay Solid when the going gets tough?
New opportunity for this Free Leadership Training - for the first time in English!

5 NEW Leadership strategies that will let you achieve a more productive team - under less stress and better teamwork. 
14th of May 11am PT, 2pm ET, 7pm GMT

Do you have a friend who has taken on a leader role and would benefit from a new way of going at the demands and pressure and stress of the role?

Then here's a treat to give them - a great opportunity to get out of the endless treadmill of stress and putting out fires instead of working the strategy.
I was down on my knees from the stress and worry at one point - but as I got insight to the strategies I will be sharing with you here, I'm able to Stay Solid - even when the going gets tough, and I know You Can Too.

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